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Sunnymead Middle School

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Students » Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework is intended to reinforce and extend basic instruction. Family participation and discussion is encouraged. Assignments will also help develop good personal study habits and may include occasional special projects. Assignments and the time required for completion may vary according to teacher requirements and student ability. Homework is assigned regularly, and it may be anticipated that students at the middle school will have four to nine hours of homework each week.

You are expected to:

  1. Listen carefully to all directions about assignments.
  2. Ask questions if the assignment is not clear.
  3. Keep a record of assignments.
  4. Have a definite time and place for study, free from interruptions and supplied with working materials.
  5. Utilize study skills in preparation of assignments. Turn in assignments when they are due.
  6. Make use of such aids as a dictionary, libraries, maps, and general reference materials. Consult with people who are authorities or are experienced in various fields.
  7. Organize and prepare homework assignments that meet standards of expectation.
  8. Take the initiative to make up work missed due to an absence.
  9. Study independently unless a group projects has been assigned.
  10. Discuss homework assignments with parents.
  11. Complete and return all homework assignments.
  12. Produce a high quality of work incorporating the highest level of accuracy and neatness of which they are capable.
  13. Develop good study habits and a sense of responsibility for their own achievement.
  14. Make up all missed assignments (when allowed) and return them to the teacher as directed.

Your parents are expected to:

  1. Provide conditions at home conducive to study — the needed space, materials, and quiet time.
  2. Encourage completion of all homework assignments.
  3. Assist teachers in developing student initiative and responsibility.

Make-up Work
When you are absent for one or two days, you are to contact your teachers upon returning to school. Make-up assignments may be requested for absences of more than two days. Additional make-up work assignments will not be given until the prior assignments are submitted.