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Sunnymead Middle School

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About Us

Sunnymead Middle School Counselor Mission Statement


The mission of the Sunnymead Middle School Counseling program is to ensure that all of our students receive equitable access to the knowledge, attitude and skill development necessary to achieve academic excellence, college/career readiness, personal growth and social responsibility to become contributing members of their community.  Professional school counselors will partner with administrators, teachers, parents, and community stakeholders to advocate for and ensure equity, access, and success for all students.


Sunnymead Middle School Counselor Vision Statement


The vision of the Sunnymead Middle School Counseling program is for all students to graduate college and career ready and become productive members of society. Through rigorous academics, equitable opportunities and use of technology, every student will be empowered to be lifelong learners who are prepared to face the challenges of a 21st century competitive workforce. Our students will possess the necessary skills to be empathetic and compassionate towards others as well as independent and responsible adults. Students will become contributing members of their community, accepting of cultural diversity, and be critical thinkers as they navigate the complexities of home, career, and community.