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2023 Saluting Educator (Certificated): Rachel Castillo

2023 Saluting Educator (Certificated): Rachel Castillo

Rachel Castillo | 6th Grade – Physical Education

Sunnymead Middle School

Rachel Castillo first and foremost is about supporting students’ well-being. She has worked
tirelessly over the last 17 years to provide a quality physical education experience to all students
and can be seen supporting them in a variety of ways every day. Rachel’s teaching style
embraces all learners and she takes the responsibility of student health and their understanding
of physical fitness seriously as a means to a long and healthy life. Rachel is actively involved as
her department’s PLC lead and co-leads the collegiality group who provide staff with moments
of appreciation and celebration throughout the year. Rachel is continuously modeling excellence
through her PE units and is always actively teaching her students the content and skills needed
for a successful future. She is a pillar in the PE department and is well respected by her colleagues
and staff. It is an honor to celebrate Rachel as a human being and exceptional educator.

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