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2023 Saluting Educator (Classified): Patricia Morales

2023 Saluting Educator (Classified): Patricia Morales

Patricia Morales | Health Technician

Sunnymead Middle School

Patricia Morales serves as the health technician at Sunnymead Middle School. She has
served in the district over the past 5 years and is a true team player in how she lays down
her life daily to serve students and staff. Patricia is extremely poised and professional in
difficult situations when they arise. She embraces every individual that comes into her
care and welcomes them into a very safe and caring environment. The health office may
have a million things happening at once, but you walk in and could never tell by the sense
of calm you feel. From her parent interactions to covering the front office, Patricia displays
a love and appreciation for what she does and we are incredibly thankful for her life and
to recognize her efforts through this recognition. Patricia deserves every ounce of it!

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